What to Ask Haulers and Construction Debris Removal Professionals

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Finding hauling services does not always come so easy. Say you find the perfect company, but their services aren’t available. Or when the perfect services do become available, they don’t come cheap. But your search for just the right hauling company doesn’t have to end there. 

By asking all of the right questions, you can find the perfect company at the right time at rates you can work with! 

We list ten important questions to ask when speaking with potential haulers! 

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How much experience does your team have? 

You should always start with this question when approaching any kind of professional for their services. By asking about their experience, you can get a clearer idea of what the contractor’s level of expertise looks like. An experienced contractor is one that can work in a variety of scenarios. 

What do your rates look like?

After discussing experience and previous projects, the next most important question to ask is how much their services will cost. Some haulers or waste services operate on monthly or annual contracts, others may charge you per pickup occurrence if you only need services one time or a handful of times. 

In discussing costs, a contractor should also let you know how you can make payments. 

What do your policies look like?

Before committing to any waste removal services in El Paso, you should find out what contracts or policies say. That being said, read your contracts before signing them off. All too often, people sign contracts without reading the important information in them. 

In doing so, you should also discover if there are any upfront costs, how payments will be made, and how often the contract, if applicable, needs to be renewed. 

Are you insured?

Another very important question to ask, you need to find out if the hauling contractors are insured or not. Should anyone get hurt while working, you may have to pay some pretty hefty fees and compensation. If a company is insured, this means you are clear from liability, which is exactly what to look for when hiring an El Paso hauling and waste removal contractor. 

What does the typical El Paso waste removal timeline look like?

Every hauling and waste removal contractor operates differently. They each have different schedules and different ways of getting the job done. If you are looking to have your waste and construction debris removed within a specific amount of time, then you need to start communicating with the contractors. 

What kinds of disposal units do you have?

For construction debris, you may require several kinds of disposal units. If you are generating a large amount of debris, ask a contractor about the sizes of their roll-off dumpsters and containers. 

If they have other materials, that works out even better. Waste removal can be a big, messy job, so it’s important to know what kinds of units will be available. 

What is included in waste pickup?

When discussing costs, a potential contractor should also mention what is included in services such as dumpster units, recycling, and other kinds of services. When additional amenities do not come in your El Paso waste removal services, this is when the contractor can be pricey to work with. 

If you are good with hauling and dumpster units, then the contract should be fine for you, but if you are looking for additional services, you may need to continue looking around for a different contractor.  

What areas do you serve?

You never want to forget how far your construction site is from the main office of the hauling company. Most hauling and waste removal contractors in El Paso typically offer their services to businesses and clients that are in reasonably close vicinity. 

Working with a hauling contractor that is local to the area cuts time and costs!

Can recyclable products be sorted out? 

Some hauling and waste removal contractors can sort out recycled products, but some do not offer these services. 

When speaking with potential contractors, you should give them a detailed description of the kinds of materials that are used on the site and detailed information about the debris you are generating. From there, a contractor should provide details on their collection processes.

Do you have any references?

If you are sold on a hauling and waste removal contractor, there is only one more question to consider asking. Asking this question can go a long way in establishing trust between you and the contractor. 

If your contractor can go on about their experience, then they should definitely be able to provide you with customer testimonials and references!

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