What to Expect During the Asbestos Abatement Process

Professionals in white hazmat suits on top of a roof removing asbestos in El Paso.

Asbestos was once an ultra-popular construction material used in many different components. Although it was banned in the US in the late 1970s, millions of homes in Texas had already been built with materials that include asbestos. Because tearing each of these houses down and building new ones was impractical and impossible, many people still live in houses that feature asbestos. 

If you’re tired of living with asbestos and its health risks, you should invest in asbestos abatement. If you’re curious and want to know more about the asbestos abatement process, you’ve come to the right place. Contact RM Demolition online or call (915) 491-4184 for more information.

What is Asbestos Abatement? 

Asbestos abatement is a process where demolition professionals come to your home and remove or mitigate the threat of asbestos. It can include one of two things – removing anything that contains asbestos minerals or simply providing options to mitigate any potential threat. However, only a professional and experienced asbestos abatement expert can determine which option is right for you. 

The Asbestos Abatement Process: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Asbestos abatement and removal is a dirty, dangerous process. Therefore, it’s important that you refrain from attempting this process yourself but, instead, hire experienced professionals

The Inspection 

The first thing any asbestos abatement pro will do is perform an inspection. Inspecting areas of your home that contain asbestos is the only way to know if the asbestos needs to be removed or if there’s minimal risk of exposure. 

Coming Up With a Plan 

After their inspection, your asbestos abatement company will inform you if the asbestos should be removed. If so, they will come up with a written plan of action outlining every step of the removal process. They will proceed once you review the plan and give it your seal of approval. 

Receive a Quote 

The written plan of action will also include a quote so that you know exactly how much the asbestos abatement process will cost. 

Outline “Danger” Zones 

Next, we’ll go through your home, from top to bottom, and mark every wall, ceiling, piece of insulation, and component that needs to be removed and replaced. We’ll be as thorough as possible during this step to ensure we get everything, resulting in potential asbestos exposure later on. 

Ensure Adequate Safety and Containment 

For the sake of both you and our workers, we always follow asbestos safety protocol. This includes wearing masks, gloves, suits, and respirators and sealing off contaminated areas. 

Remove Contaminated Components 

Next, we’ll complete the actual asbestos removal. To do this, RM Demolition uses a combination of hand tools, safety disposal methods, wet methods, and more to ensure we remove every speck of asbestos. Contact us to learn more about our methods and additional safety measures we may take. 

Post-Removal Cleanup 

Once the asbestos is removed, there’s a lengthy cleanup process to ensure we get everything. We utilize special vacuums and filters during this time to be extra thorough. 

Can I Stay At Home During Asbestos Abatement? 

If the asbestos abatement is confined to a single, closed-off area, it might be possible to stay in your home during the removal process. However, to guarantee your safety, we strongly recommend staying with friends, family, or at a motel during the asbestos removal and cleanup process. 

The Best and Safest Asbestos Abatement in El Paso

As you can see, asbestos abatement is a difficult, dangerous, and time-consuming process when removal is necessary. Therefore, it isn’t something you should ever try to do on your own because of the risks it poses to you and your loved ones. Contact RM Demolition online or call (915) 491-4184 for the best and safest asbestos abatement and removal in El Paso.

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