Commercial Concrete Applications: From Warehouses to Retail Spaces

Concrete being poured at a commercial site in El Paso.

Concrete is one of the most useful and versatile materials in commercial construction in El Paso. From decorative flooring to parking lots and sidewalks, the potential uses of concrete are nearly endless. If you want to know some of the typical and not-so-typical uses of concrete in commercial settings, you’ve come to the right place.

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Floors and Walls 

Concrete floors and walls are rapidly increasing in popularity. Concrete floors and walls typically get a polished finish, making them smooth, sleek, and shiny. In addition to being the most durable and rugged type of flooring, concrete floors and walls are also some of the most aesthetically pleasing. 

You can use polished concrete services in El Paso for floors and walls in offices, churches, schools, and other commercial buildings where aesthetics are just as important as practicality. If you don’t want to go the polished route, you can use rough concrete services for floors and walls in warehouses and similar commercial settings.  

Building Foundations 

One of the most popular uses for El Paso concrete services in commercial settings is as a building foundation. It’s essential to have a strong, sturdy foundation that will support the weight of whatever building lies on top of it. As such, concrete is usually the only suitable foundation material for commercial properties. 

Foundation Piers

In some parts of El Paso, a typical foundation is not an option. Instead, you need to drill deeper into the earth and install structural piers, which serve as the building’s foundation. This process is similar to houses built on stilts near the ocean or lakes. As with a true slab or foundation, concrete is the best, strongest, and most durable material for drilled concrete piers. 

Sidewalks, Driveways, and Parking Lots 

Using concrete to pour sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots is one of the most common uses of concrete in commercial settings. This is especially true with sidewalks, as asphalt has taken the place of concrete as the number one material used for driveways and parking lots. 

Regardless of how you want to use concrete for these purposes, it’s one of the best options. Concrete is fairly easy to install and will last substantially longer than any other material aside from maybe asphalt. Concrete is also much more appealing than dirt, grass, or gravel, which are the only non-solid alternatives. 

Decorative Uses 

On top of all the functional uses for concrete services in commercial settings, you can also use it for decorative ones. For instance, in the hotel industry, concrete is often used for decorative pillars in the lobby or for decorative purposes in the pool or patio area. Concrete is also a great option for decorative fireplaces or logos and lettering on business signs. In addition to looking great, decorative concrete will certainly outlast any other decorations you have. 

Commercial concrete services in El Paso

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