How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Residential Concrete

A large slab of concrete in an El Paso yard with a table and chairs on top of it.

Investing in concrete services for your home is a great use of your money. Whether you want to install a paved driveway, sidewalk, patio, or both, it’s hard to go wrong with the durability and aesthetic of concrete. However, if you want to get the most value and lifespan out of your residential concrete, it’s important to maintain and care for it properly. 

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Clean It Regularly 

While concrete is one of the most durable residential materials around, it gets dirty, just like anything else. And if it gets too dirty, it will start to stain and corrode, resulting in premature breakdown. 

To keep this from happening, it’s important to clean your concrete annually or every other year. The best way to do this is by pressure-washing it using a mechanical pressure washer and buffer, as well as a cleaning solution. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you should invest in professional El Paso concrete services

Seal and Re-Seal as Needed 

Aside from regular cleanings, sealing and re-sealing your concrete driveway and sidewalk is essential. Sealing forms a protective coat on the surface of your concrete and makes it harder for chemicals, elements, and other things to damage it. While you can seal your own concrete, contact us for professional concrete services in El Paso, including sealing and coating. 

Wipe Up Stains Immediately

As with anything else, it’s important to wipe up stains on your concrete immediately. The longer you let a spill or stain sit, the more likely it is to sink in and become permanent. This is especially true and important with chemical spills, such as chlorine, paints, and stains. 

In addition to discoloring your concrete, chemical spills can also infiltrate it and break it down from the inside out. This will result in a more costly and problematic repair than if you had tended to the stain immediately. 

Think About Weight Control 

A common misconception when it comes to concrete is that it can support any amount of weight. However, depending on the type of concrete you have and how deep it’s poured, it will have weight restrictions. It’s important to adhere to these restrictions unless you want to damage your concrete and cause it to crumble. 

Make Repairs Sooner Rather Than Later 

In the same way that it’s important to clean up spills immediately, you should also make any necessary repairs as soon as you see them. Leaving cracks, potholes, or a damaged perimeter alone for too long will make the problem more difficult and expensive to repair. Instead, you should either fix the problem yourself as soon as you spot it or invest in professional El Paso concrete services to make it for you.  

Professional Concrete Services in El Paso 

In addition to the things you can do yourself, it’s important to invest in professional concrete services to maintain and extend the lifespan of your concrete properly. Call RM Demolition at (915) 491-4184 for concrete sealing, cleaning, repairs, installation, and more!

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